Over a decade this cat’s fur has gone from pitch black to a gorgeous snowflake pattern


In 1997, a tiny black kitten was born into a litter that was put up for adoption at a local shelter. A young man walked in one day, saw the kitten, and instantly fell in love. The cat, named Scrappy, grew up happy and spoiled, as all cats should. Then, when Scrappy was seven years old, a fantastic pattern began to emerge in his coat, and the cat became an internet sensation.

As Scrappy’s coal black coat was slowly peppered with white, a snowflake pattern began to emerge as he aged. This pattern in all likelihood was caused by vitiligo, an extremely rare autoimmune skin disorder where the immune system attacks the skin’s melanin and causes pigmentation loss in patches.

Vitiligo impacts 1-2% of the human population, and while it can be found in cats, dogs, and horses, it’s appearance in animals is quite a rarity.

Scrappy’s health wasn’t at all impacted by vitiligo. His coat just turned colors in such a fashion that his stunning fur patterns caught the attention of people all around the world. Scrappy has both an Instagram and Facebook page, and thousands of followers and fans.

At home, Scrappy became the older statesman in his house. The nineteen-year-old cat handled his celebrity with typical cat aplomb and mentored the two younger cats in his family, Lily and Rose.

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