Orphaned Rhino Lost Her Parents To Poachers. Then She Met A Cat Who Reminded Her She’s Not Alone


Nandi, a two-month-old white rhino, was found wandering all alone after her mother was sadly shot and killed by poachers. She managed to survive on her own, but wouldn’t have survived without her mother for much longer if it weren’t for her rescuers.

She was eventually brought to The Rhino Orphanage, a sanctuary in South Africa that specializes in the care of rhinos who lost their parents to poaching. The staff there took great care of Nandi, and helped her to grow up big and strong.

She has been doing great, and is so thankful for her rescuers. She enjoys playing with them and loves to chase her humans around. But now Nandi has a new friend: an orange tabby named Mewie.

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