Orphaned Kittens Insist on Cuddling On Woman’s Neck Every Day After She Saved Their Lives


Early October, a Good Samaritan found two orphaned kittens and brought them to the shelter. An hour later, she came back with a third kitty. They were crying for their mom who was nowhere to be found.

The kittens were very young and still needed to be bottle fed. Purrfect Pals contacted Ashley, a foster/rescuer based in Everett, Washington. She stepped up to help as the kitties, Steven, Karen and Georgia, needed dedicated care. “They were covered in fleas and very hungry,” Ashely said.

The three tiny bundles of fur were just skin and bones when they arrived. After scarfing down all the food that their little bellies could possibly fit, they curled up in the crook of Ashley’s neck and purred themselves to sleep.

“They don’t have a mom, so they think I am theirs!”

The kittens had to deal with many health issues. Georgia was not feeling well and had a difficult time adjusting to the new diet.

“It’s so hard on their tiny systems. Who knows when they had last eaten, or what happened to their mom. Their stomaches were so sensitive so to switch to formula was rough on them,” Ashley said.

The runt of the litter, Steven, was much smaller and very delicate. “We weren’t positive that he would make it at first. After a few days in the heated incubator and with regular and over night feedings, I saw a fast improvement.”

Steven has extra toes on each paw

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