Orphaned Kitten Adopted by Unlikely Friends Now Thinks She’s Part Ferret


5-month-old Kamariwas thrown out on the street, but kind people rescued her, sheltered and. In a new home little kitty waited five ferrets, which became her new family. Kamari easily got along with his “brothers” and now absolutely sure that she is a ferret.

Meet Kamari and she’s a cat, but don’t tell her about it. The fact that she is convinced that is a ferret. As a baby she was thrown out on the street. Poor thing was found in bad condition, but luckily she was saved by kind people who cured Kamari and gave her a roof over her head.

But the baby was not the only animal in the house, besides her family lived for another five ferrets, which gladly accepted Kamari in your gang and it’s insanely cute. Follow the life of Kamari and her brothers-ferrets in Twitter. That’s how Kamari looked in the beginning. Now Kamari, spend time with the ferrets: they eat together, play and even sleep.