Orphaned and Alone, Two Unlikely Pals Brought Each Other Friendship In A Time of Need


Chip and Adele is a very adorable couple of unlikely pals who found each other in a shelter and bonded with each other. The puppy named Chip was 5 weeks old at the point of rescue, while Adele was only 4 weeks old. These two babies became friends in the no-kill animal shelter in Texas. People refused from both cuties on the same day. This is why they were paired in a shelter. Since then they had not parted and even when humans came to adopt them, they adopted this lovely couple together. It would be not right to break this adorable bond between them. It was the best thing this kind family could offer to them. Now they have a great family and each other and this is really great!
Watch how Adele naps on Chip’s back. This is the most comfortable place on earth in her opinion and I can understand that.