Orange Cat Finds New And the Most Adorable Friend!


It can be a quivering friendship and armed “to the teeth” truce. The fact that domestic ferrets, like cats, love care and love from the owner and it is possible manifestations of jealousy.

But sooner or later, these two animals either find a common language, or divide “spheres of influence” and living space, trying to avoid each other. It is better to buy a spacious cage for the baby and keep it in it while you are not at home.

Especially if the baby is a kitten. If the house already has a cat and you decided to have a little ferret, you need to make sure the cat didn’t scare him. Ferrets are very vindictive, and later it will be very difficult to change the attitude of the ferret to the cat. If the house with an adult ferret brought the kitten, then you need to be especially careful. The ferret is a predatory animal, and can bite or even bite a kitten.