One Minute of Kitten Cuteness!


Kittens are tiny so it may seem that it is easy to care about them. But these little meowing creatures require attention round-the-clock. You can forget about time to yourself once you shouldered this responsibility. This woman named Hannah Shaw and known as Kitten Lady devoted her life to tiny kittens. She always looks for the ways to protect them. Orphaned kittens are very grateful to her for that.
If you think that it is impossible to make global change if you care for the most vulnerable creatures, you are mistaken. Sometimes small deeds entail radical changes involving all spheres all life. We can all change this world for the better and this woman does her best caring for these adorable fur balls. Isn’t it the cutest life mission that ever existed?
In this video Kitten Lady shares her love of kittens with us and it’s a whole minute of kitten cuteness! Her slogan is: Fostering saves lives and urges all to join her!