Newborn orphaned kittens trapped in exhaust duct rescued


Had to call the rescuers who pulled out the kitten, which spent two days in the ventilation shaft. It turned out that the cat had been in the mine two days. His exact location was determined by the camera.

He immediately started trying to catch her. The apartment on the ground floor had to drill a hole in the wall. In the opening immediately climbed a small kitten. “It was important to act as quickly as possible to the cat did not have time to get scared and jump down.

Therefore, the hole shot is very very narrow, and through him, put his hand in mine and the cat managed to firmly grab the scruff of the neck and then gradually pull out,” – said in the message. As reported, checking the ventilation shafts with a camera, zoospasateli found a cat at the floor of the fifth floor, in a place where a wide channel is divided into several narrow.