Newborn orphaned kittens trapped in exhaust duct rescued


This kitten was in a corrugated pipe, from which he could not get out on their own. One of the residents of the house was the first to hear the baby squeak. The cat got scared and stuck between the first and second floors. According to neighbors, people tried to get rid of harmless kittens.

On a scene also called employees of the Ministry of emergency situations. Neighbors also told that in the apartment where the animal lived, there lives a dysfunctional family. Residents of an entrance complained of this family more than once and, according to neighbors, they hold animals for the purpose of sale. Late to the scene arrived employees of the police and the housing Department.

With the help sanitary funds they tried to extricate a cat. Rescuers by means of a special chamber examined sewer pipes. After attempts by rescuers to get the cat to get out of the way as he climbed back and, by the Central pipe, he began to climb even higher.