Newborn Kittens Were Dumped Like Trash


In July, the Parking lot at the service station acquired a white kitten. But there lived a dog with puppies, plump and pretty. Several puppies have already discussed, there are only two.

Mama dog is pining for her puppies, lovingly sheltered and this fluffy kitten… the Kitten was wonderful – fluffy, white, and blue-eyed… completely deaf – he didn’t respond to any sounds. However, this does not prevent him from being cheerful and friendly… came Soon and want to take him home… But… immediately brought him back: not enough patience to potty train a street animal… but still not hearing the voice of the owner.

The kids likely would have died if the owners of the house have not taken them to himself. They immediately began to pound frozen young. Was present and the owner’s dog. She immediately showed a touching concern for the kids, began to lick them and cuddle its warmth.