New Zealand Cat Brought Home a Bag of Weed Worth $150!


After seeing the “production” of the pet, the owner of the animal went to the police and gave information about the discovery. Arrived at the scene by Sergeant Reese Munro, who took the woman a suspicious bag. According to him, the cost of the contents of the pouch (all in package of five grams of cannabis) is 100 to 150 New Zealand dollars.

Who owns the marijuana is unknown. The police intends to remove from the bag prints. As a joke, Munro, after the act of the cat police should think about using these animals in search of drugs.

Distributing marijuana in New Zealand is prohibited by law. As a rule, the storage of this drug in small doses, punishable by a fine. Residents, however, are among the most active cannabis lovers in the world: smoke marijuana about 13 percent of adult new Zealanders.