A Munchkin Cat Intensely Gnaws on an Ear of Corn With Increasing Gusto Alongside Her Hungry Human


You love your kitty dearly and it is hard to resist spoiling it. Cat is always eager to get some treat from the dinner table. But many human foods are unsafe for cats. Their digestive system differs and human food can cause problems.
We see from videos that many cats adore corn. You will see in the first video how an adorably hungry cat wanted to eat corn so it joined her human in consuming corn on the cob from opposite ends of the ear. Pay attention to the reaction of other cats in the background. They watch it intently.
How does corn tell on their health? Is it good for kittens or it is not that desirable for cats? Though corn is a good source of protein, you should not make it the main source of protein for your kitty.
In small amounts this is not a problem. So if these kitties share corn with their owners just occasionally, it won’t harm the cat.

It turned out that cats love corn, as can be seen in a range of other adorable videos.