Mother Cat Talks To Her Kittens


Here is a bed with a family of cat and kittens. Some of them are sleeping, and the other have just woken up. Warming each other in a pile, baby kittens enjoy good time together. But then mother cat comes to the bed to greet her babies. Their mother Cate was taken off the street when she was heavily pregnant. Fortunately, timely rescue made it possible for kittens to grow in favorable conditions. Cate often comes to her kittens to “say a few words” and they all respond to her as if this is a call over. It is so nice to watch them communicate with each other!
It is also worth saying that all these kittens were adopted later in pairs. And even fabulous Cate has found a very good home! But now this talkative pile of babies just answer their mom and this is so cute! Let us enjoy it together!