Mother cat looking out for kittens safety by the tigers


This is a big house, where there was a place for both tiger and cats. Predator weighing several tons is not well suited to the role of a pet. But some people don’t think so. In principle, tigers of any breed, if from early childhood constantly communicated with people, grow creatures surprisingly non-aggressive.

It is quite possible to approach without danger of being perceived as mining, iron, drink milk with it – it is worth remembering a few simple rules of conduct that are associated with the appearance of the hunting reflexes of the big striped cats, for example, to turn the predator back. Proof that ordinary tigers can communicate with common people who can serve as examples of the Argentine Lujan zoo or tiger monastery in Thailand.

However, this is not the same that living with a giant cat day after day in the same house. Of course, the same trainers and animal rights activists can take on the care of very young cubs, but a few months when they grow up and become stronger, be sure to return them in a cage or aviary.