Momma Dog Adopts Three Abandoned Kittens


The dog adopted kittens, which refused cat. And where now her with these furry animals is unclear: a shelter for stray dogs not kittens and cats – dog. But I think someone will pick up the family. AK same as that of the cats, the dogs, the task of caring and raising offspring is entirely entrusted to the mother.

However, males are much friendlier than cats are puppies. They often protect babies if they are in danger. In females, the maternal instinct is well developed, the mother tenderly cares for the young until they become fully independent.

However, even the most jealously protective of their puppies mum always allow the owner to approach the offspring to be stroked and picked up the puppies. At the same time, even the softest and friendliest bitches do not admit strangers to the kids, show aggression regardless of the intentions of the stranger