Mom Hears Moaning Coming From Baby Monitor And Runs Into Nursery To Learn The Child Is Not Alone


It’s no surprise that many cat lovers consider their feline friends to be members of their own families. After all, they’re always willing to cuddle, and they have no problem hanging around when their humans need to confide in them. (The fact that the kitties can’t talk back is irrelevant!)

It all makes you wonder if your cat feels the same way—and one feline named Midnight might’ve just proved that theory to be true. After his family suffered through a series of tragedies, he did something that most people would consider shocking…

There’s a very distinct division between cats and other pets, at least as far as personalities go. According to the stereotypes, cats tend to be a bit more independent and aloof, to the point that they can sometimes seem cold to their human friends.

Yet, while cats might not always show their excitement the way dogs do, for instance, they really do have a special relationship with their humans. And, sometimes, they’ll even go above and beyond to help them.

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