Men Rescue Baby Fox From Deep Drain Pipe


Foxes have evolved alongside humans for thousands of years. Despite this close relationship, we really haven’t treated them with the most respect. Throughout history, foxes, with their sharp eyes and cunning minds, have often been considered as pests— like in 1893, for instance, when they became so prominent in South Australia, a ‘fox bounty’ scheme was introduced.

Despite all the stigma, in this video, you finally see a few people giving foxes the respect they deserve.

In May of 2016, the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulatory Service (WRAS) received a call about a wild fox cub.

Registered as a charity and relying on donations to run, WRAS is headed by founder Trevor Weeks who, on that day, was present to take the call.

Upon speaking to the individual, WRAS staff learned a fox cub had been spotted at the bottom of a Cooden Beach cul-de-sac drain pipe.

A family had spotted the cub the night before and done their best to help. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, they hadn’t had any luck. In an interview with Inside Edition, Weeks explained:

“(The family) left the cover off and thought the mum might be able to retrieve the cub.”

“By lunchtime the next morning it was still down there. They heard the cub crying and called us.”

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