Man Wages An Adorable Battle With Kittens At Feeding Time.


It’s the same story throughout the animal kingdom: When babies are hungry, they’ll do whatever it takes to get fed.

And if that involves fighting tooth and claw over the bottle, puncturing the person who’s holding it and literally biting the hand that feeds them, then so be it. Of course, these little fluffballs are adorable, but even at this young age, they know it’s a kitten-eat-kitten world out there and they need to get while the gettin’s good.

You can just feel those needle-sharp claws piercing this poor man’s skin as the kittens scramble across his arms and over his shoulder in their race to the bottle. Four decide on the direct approach and climb up his legs and torso, while two others launch a sneak attack, opting instead for his back.

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