Man Is Shocked At His High Water Bill, Then Realizes His Cat Has Been Constantly Flushing The Toilet


We all know that cats can be very curious sometimes. They’re always wandering around, whether it be in the house or outdoors, seeing what they could get their paws into next.

One cat’s curiosity caused his owner some extra money. Curt Coleman noticed that his water bill has been higher than it usually is, but he had no idea why. He wasn’t doing anything differently, so he was very surprised when he saw how much he owed.

Recently, he discovered the reasoning behind it. One day, he saw his cat, Crazy Eyes, standing on the toilet’s lid in the bathroom and using his front paws to push down the flush handle. It turns out that Crazy Eyes had been flushing the toilet many times throughout the day when Coleman wasn’t home! He then started doing it even while Coleman was home, which is when he eventually caught him.

Not only did Coleman owe more money, but it also gave him quite a scare.

“Hearing the toilet flush when I am in the house alone can be startling. Especially after watching The Conjuring…in the dark…BAD CRAZY! BAD CAT!” Coleman joked in the Youtube video’s caption.

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