Man Found Stray Kitten Clinging to Truck


The man hardly lured dirty and skinny cat from under the car, and then there was the touching. Joyless life of many stray cats. Day after day, is one continuous struggle for finding food and shelter. They often have to defend themselves against other cats, dogs and even predators.

Watched at least someone for Charlie? We never authentically do not know. And don’t know where it came from. The cat just lived on the street, trying to take care of herself. Until the day when she’s hungry and frightened, found near the Parking lot. Her new man found her. And this kind man helped her learn to love.

Charlie coaxed from under the car under which she was hiding. When people found her, she was solid skin and bones and a little bit of dirt. He says he found the baby in the Parking lot near his work. At first, she was very much afraid.