Man Found 8 Kittens Huddled Up in an Alley During the Bitter Cold and Rushed to Save Them


The kids warmed up and turned into charming lumps of happiness. It is clear that the baby should be well fed with milk. Ideally with colostrum and then with mother’s milk, the kitten receives antibodies are responsible for immunity and all nutrients needed for growth and development.

But, if the cat was left an orphan, and another cat that could feed someone else’s baby is also there, you have to become a breastfeeding mother and get to know new facts about kittens. Than to replace the cat’s milk?

Of course, best ad hoc mixtures, which are sold in pet stores. If this is not possible, and the usual infant formula, which are sold at each point of sale. They should be diluted with warm water-the finished food should be a temperature of about 30 degrees.