Man climbs down ladder to rescue cat trapped in a hole…. What the cat does next left me in stitches! Hahahaha!


One guy saved its progeny, and it turned out stunning! This story was told by the direct participant of all events. In the yard of a neighboring house lived an old cat calico. Everyone knew that she had four “grandchildren” about whom she cared for after the death of his daughter. Grandma really took care of the kittens in a serious way, and even once lost his tail, protecting them from enemies.

Soon the cat had a chance at happiness – some compassionate residents took her in to live, but four black as night, the kittens still had to find the owners. However, so far no one has shown much desire to take care of kids, and they became concerned brother of the narrator – wore them food morning and evening, looking for a good home for three kittens, as he decided to keep the youngest and weakest. It was a pretty girl with a thick shiny coat and bright orange big eyes.

She had only one physical defect – the tail grew like wrong, and he was very skinny, crooked. The guy knew that an animal with defects difficult to find the house, so his choice fell on the baby. He has a home already lived an adult cat and a dog, so before you pick up your kitten in the apartment, he took him to the vet to examine and vaccinate the animal.