Mama Cat Gives Birth To 7 Adorable Newborn Kittens


A lady had taken in her friend’s cat in 2013 when that friend was deployed in the Navy, but little did the lady know that the cat was actually pregnant. The cat’s name was Terri and 3 weeks after she arrived at the lady’s house, she amazing surprised everyone when she delivered a litter of adorable kittens in the middle of the night.

The best part of this video is how their house dog reacted when he met all of the kittens for the first time. His reaction is amazing and as you will see, he immediately appointed himself the role of their protector. The dog would carry the kittens around the house and give them all the love he could and the Mama kitten had no problem with him doing this. She clearly trusted the dog to help take care of her baby kittens!

This dog is the best foster Dad ever and the Mama cat clearly agrees too! Watch the story below!