Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Neglected Stray Cat


Paul Robertson has worked as a truck driver for years, and while he loves what he does, it can get lonely on the road. Robertson is an animal lover, and so he decided to adopt a cat named Howie.

For years, Howie sat by Robertson’s side, keeping him company on his long hauls. When Howie passed away in 2017, Robertson was devastated. He decided he wanted to give another neglected cat a good home, and so he headed to an animal shelter to find his new companion.

The shelter staff introduced Robertson to a ginger cat named Percy. Robertson quickly knew Percy was the right cat for him.

Percy hadn’t had an easy life.

He had been living on the streets, and he had clearly been in a few fights. He had an injury above his right eye, and he was missing one of his canine teeth. But even though Percy had had a rough past, he was still as sweet as could be. He immediately bonded with Robertson, and Robertson decided to officially adopt him.

Soon after Robertson adopted Percy, they headed out for their first long-haul trip together. Percy loved riding in the truck!

During their first two weeks together, Robertson mostly drove through the Midwest. Percy got to see the Badlands, the Rocky Mountains, and tons of bison. Percy loved every minute of the trip!

“He’s very affectionate and loves to crawl on my lap, up my chest, and then rub cheeks with me,” Robertson wrote on Facebook. “He loves to play. He purrs a lot. And of course, he’s a cat: he loves to eat and he loves to snooze.”

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