Lino The Birman Cat Is Exhausted After Playing, But Strikingly Beautiful


Sacred Birman or Burmese cat is a grace, combined with the usual playfulness. Sacred Birman or Burmese cat is semi-longhaired breed, which, according to legend, originates from Burma. These cats are easily recognizable by a specific color, usually they have white “gloves” on their feet.

There are several legends explaining the appearance of such an unusual color. One of them says that the first one of the Buddhist temples were guarded by the yellow-eyed long-haired cats white. In the temple also kept a Golden statue of the goddess with bright blue eyes. Once the temple had been attacked by robbers, who killed the oldest monk and almost took over the temple. But suddenly came a strange sound, which stopped the battle, and saw the cat that belonged to the monk who stands at the head of his master and is magically changed.

His hair was Golden, his eyes took on the color of eyes of the goddess, and the tips of the feet relating to gray hair monk white. Seeing this miracle, the defenders of the Church found a new strength and defeated the invaders, and the right cat was about its owner 6 days and on the seventh died. But after that all the cats in the temple acquired the same color. It is so calm and fluffy.