Kitty Fails To Catch The Pigeon, But What Happens Next Is So Funny!


This video is very funny. It looks like the pigeon teases the cat. First of all, the bird outsmarted the cat with ease, but this is not all. It makes the cat go through this humiliation! Cat has to chase the pigeon backwards. The bird acts like a troll!
Black cat climbed the rail, where she sees the bird and wants to catch it. She is focused on the bird and there is nothing on her mind but the pigeon. But when the potential catch is so clever as this bird, you have no chances. The bird had other plans and it was not going to become a dinner.
When cat starts hunting, the bird is not afraid and does not even fly away far. It is right in front of kitty’s nose, but the cat is not able to reach it and she has to walk backwards to catch the bird.