Kitten With One Ear Finds Someone Who Saved Her Life, and Follows Her Everywhere She Goes


Clarissa from Texas found a 6-week-old stray in a parking lot, hiding under a car. She stayed with the kitten until help came their way.

The kitten was found with her ear dangling from her head by a thread. She took refuge under a car when she saw people coming to the parking lot. “My boyfriend and I brought her water and food to see if she’d come out,” Clarissa told Love Meow.

With help from two neighbors, both vet techs, they got the kitten out safely and rushed her to an animal hospital.

“It was understood by everyone that the ear had to be removed. Before leaving, they asked if we’d be interested in keeping her if she survived the surgery, and we said yes!”

Vesper made it through the surgery and came home with Clarissa but the road to recovery was longer than they had anticipated. “Five days later, she stopped eating and playing, so we knew something was wrong. We took her back to the vet.”

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