Kitten being viciously attacked by adorable ducklings


Kitten wanted to attack the ducklings but was eventually cornered by them. The kitty does not know what to do. They were little but so active that become even scary. This is an amazing scene. At first, he just watched at them from above but then… he either fell down or attacked them on purpose, we can’t say for sure. Probably, he just wanted to explore this place – kittens are curious, or wanted to play with these fluffy birds. We just see what it brought to. Kitten is in the corner and tries to fight back, while the ducklings attack the fluffy baby. He did not expect that. They make so much noise! Now he just wants to get out from this place as soon as possible. He can’t handle it on his own. I hope that the person who was filming this, helped the kitty to escape.