Kitten Trying To Learn How To Use Litter Box


Training kitten to go to the tray should not be difficult and exhausting and you, and his job. Many people wonder how long the kitten becomes accustomed to the tray? In fact, it is a simple and quite successful operation, if you approach it with inspiration, take enough time and patience.

Even if you took a kitten from the street, it can be taught to the tray. Some kittens neglect flavored toilets. Let’s start with the vessel of clay with no odor or with a stand for flower pots. Most of the kittens like to go in the pot and not shitting in other areas of the apartment.

However, if you have green spaces in the apartment, the kitten can change their habits and begin to walk under the plant. To avoid this-remove the plants away from the kitten or cover the soil with stones or pine cones.