Kitten Spots An Intruder In The Room. Moments Later? I Can’t Stop Laughing!


The kid is very emotionally reacting to what he sees in the mirror. We can’t say that it shows the mirror to our Pets. We can only interpret their reaction. But, it seems, cat sees in the mirror … other cat. Some regard the reflection as the potential friend, especially kittens who enthusiastically try to play with the new friend.

Vision for cats, unlike people, monkeys and other animals, is not the main body of information. Cats live in a world of sounds, smells and other sensations, some of which are inaccessible to us. After all, among other things, nature has provided the cat with additional sensors.

This vibrissa-hard tactile hair, which is several times longer and thicker than conventional hair. Except for the mustache over the upper lip, there are still whiskers on the cheeks, chin and above the eyes, on the ankles of the front feet on the tail and between the pads.