Kitten Spots An Intruder In The Room


Cats live in a world of sounds, smells and other sensations, some of which are inaccessible to us. After all, among other things, nature has provided the cat with additional sensors. This vibrissa-hard tactile hair, which is several times longer and thicker than conventional hair.

Except for the mustache over the upper lip, there are still whiskers on the cheeks, chin and above the eyes, on the ankles of the front feet on the tail and between the pads. Any touch to these through their nerve endings sends information to the brain, and the cat reacts instantly to even minor environmental changes and fluctuations in air flow.

And after that, you want her to be interested in some flat image that does not make sounds, does not smell, does not make tangible changes in the surrounding space?! Even initially showing interest in the “animal mirror” (this is especially true for inexperienced kittens), cat in the absence of feedback quickly it loses, keeping the experience.