This Kitten Was Having A Scary Dream, But Just Watch What The Mother Does When She Notices it


A long roll, short legs – very funny running on the track and character is not a crybaby, what breed? Birthplace of cats Munchkins – USA. It was there in 1983 it started. That looks like the Munchkin breed, always causes the same range of feelings for the first time to meet them. First is surprise, then pity, and then be sure to admiration and joy.

After all, short-legged cats Munchkin is a smile! Smile black, white, gray, red depending on the color of the cat or cats. The breed standard still not completely decorated, but the basic criteria are already included in the description.

Paws are four main differences between the Munchkins from other breeds of cats. They are short. But straight! However, a small curvature of the front legs into the inner side. Hind legs, as mentioned, longer than the front