Kitten Huddles By Mother For Comfort


We always associate cats with soft fluffy fur. Owners love to pet their adorable pets feeling their softness and cats respond with their purring sounds also loved by humans. But cats also adore their fluffiness therefore they cuddle to each other. There are other reasons for it as well. Cats love warmth and tend to sit in warm places often. Though cats can sleep absolutely everywhere they still prefer cozy places and what can be cozier than fluffy fur balls? Therefore they are almost always together. Kitties also cuddle to the ones they love. This is how they show their affection. Safety sensation is very important for them so they always nap at safe places, so being among siblings has always been the best option for all.

This video shows sweet kitty cuddling with mommy, but later the camera zooms up…and you will be overwhelmed with kitty cuteness!!
This big brother and his five tiny fur ball siblings are so adorable. Listen to their squeaky meows and purrs, which is the sweetest thing ever. The snuggle buddies created a fuzzy cuddle train.