Kitten goes to sleep in mommy’s arms


The nature of mysterious cat rumbling is covered with a veil of mystery. Is Pat the cat’s fur, and he purrs. Here is a man, and decided that rumbling is a sign of gratitude and satisfaction. But cats rumble, being in danger, during childbirth, when experiencing pain.

To find out the cause of this behavior, figure out where the cats reside brcalnik, and how it works. A rumbling is a low continuous sound. Take a closer, than purrs a. The process looks like humming emit the characteristic rumbling stomach, but it’s not. The sound is born in the apparatus between the base of the skull and the tongue.

Here is a group of thin hyoid bones. The contraction of the muscles of the vocal cords cats lead to vibrations of the bones. Then the muscles of the larynx connect, and our ear begins to catch rumbling.