Kitten Found Napping On Plate


The owner found the kitten on the plate, which is well-fitting for kitten in size. The kitten, probably, thought that this was a perfect sleeping place for him and took a nap on it. It is round and not that big so it is just what he needed to feel warm and comfortable. His human mom was very surprised and decided to take the camera to record it. But the conversation with a kitten that followed then made her even more surprised! The kitty talked to the woman and tried to explain something. What are his cutest meows about? He feels like a king at this house who deserves any place at the house. He can sleep anywhere he wants! And he says his mom about it.
This is, certainly, not the right place for the kitten even if this is a decoration plate. But the baby is not aware about it. He does not know the household rules and does what he wants.