Kitten Found Ice Cold in a Bush With Her Siblings, is Brought Back From the Brink.


A woman found a 3 lump of happiness. And she had about them all the time to take care of. How lovely! Finally came true dream child, perhaps, already in adult life, and so there is no limit joy. First I want to congratulate the appearance of a kitten!

This lovely creature, who settled in your house, will delight you every day, but do not forget about its proper nutrition. This issue is devoted to my article, therefore, I would like to give some advice about this. So, taking on the hands of a lovely fluffy ball, immediately raises a lot of questions.

Chief among them is one which is healthier eating a kitten, and how to create a menu that he was active, strong and, of course, cheerful. Nature is due to an important point, namely the fact that the kitten – is primarily a small predator, and therefore believe that the main ingredient in the diet should prevail meat.