Kitten Follows His Humans Loyally Everywhere They Go After They Gave Him a Home


Ever since Primus the cat came to his forever home, he’s been an adventurer, following his humans everywhere they go and refuses to be alone.

Lene from Norway came across a little ginger kitten after searching for months for a cat. “His mom rejected him and left him and his siblings when he was a baby. Two of his siblings didn’t make it, but luckily Primus and his brother and sister survived,” Lene told Love Meow.

“When we saw him, we knew he was the one.” They drove three hours, including two ferry rides to pick up their new kitten. “I remember I was really worried that he wouldn’t like us, but he did and purred and explored the car all the way home.”

From the beginning, they noticed just how curious and playful Primus was and his love for adventures.

Primus’ humans share a passion for the outdoors. After he joined the family, the kitty insisted that he be a part of their outdoor adventures.

They got him a teddy bear and he would start playing fetch with them. He followed them everywhere around the house and into the garden.

It was a snowy winter, and Primus enjoyed hopping on the blanket of snow for the first time, playing fetch and bringing his humans sticks as “gifts.”

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