Kitten Falls Asleep Next To Mama


This kitten ever, even during sleep. If you had a house cat with kittens, you must have paid attention to the fact that kittens fall asleep immediately after eating the abdomen of the mother. And this is no coincidence. Temperature is one of the determining factors of sleep. The warmer the kitten, the faster and stronger he falls asleep.

And this, too, has logical explanation: after all in this situation losses heat, and therefore, energy, minimal, and our kitten can afford to quietly sleep. Why you need a kitten sleep? Like any living creature, the kitten uses a period of activity to accumulate experience, and during sleep there is not only the rest of the muscles and the brain, but also “processing” received during waking information, memorization.

Therefore, the combination of active games, communication with a kitten while awake and a good sleep will help you grow smart, mentally balanced animal.