Kitten drinking from a bottle… Then you hear the sound he’s making… Awww it’s soo cute I can’t handle it!


I’m sure many have seen the funny video in which ordinary domestic cats behave, to say the least, inadequate. Often this is caused by the influence of Valerian. For entertainment, the owners decide to see what Catnip does to cats. So what happens if you feed a cat with this drug? How dangerous is Valerian and how does it affect the animal’s body? To go into the question, is it harmful to give cats Catnip why she has that effect on them. Zoologists have come to surprising conclusions.

The aroma of the plant is very similar to the pheromones contained in the urine of an adult Mature cat. The stimulating effect of Valerian changes the hormonal and emotional background of the animal. Given that Valerian affects the Central nervous system of the cat, changing the perception of reality, later it becomes the reason for such inappropriate behavior. For many decades, mankind has used Valerian as a medicinal infusion, not causing concern. Tinctures and decoctions can calm the nerves, improve the quality of sleep, as well as relieve pain, relieving spasms in humans.

However, with cats it’s different. If a few drops of Valerian drip into the saucer cat, especially during his sexual arousal, then he will certainly rush to him, lay him down to Shine and then begin to behave completely inadequately. Most often, cats rolling on the floor, jump from side to side and make loud mewing sounds.