Kitten Didn`t Want To Sleep Alone


This little kitten had a hard day and it wants to get some rest. In a world where the average person among the secret dreams often dominated by one thing – a good night’s sleep, envy, and domestic cats is logical and reasonable.

After all, each day the cat is sleeping on two working shifts, that is on average 16 hours! Perhaps this is why a kitten can quickly turn an apartment into a mess without any outside help – this is how much energy is accumulated in such a record time sleep! It’s funny, but for all its agility, speed and grace, cats are the main dormice among mammals.

And just as easily a cat wakes up, he only slept what if the boss will slam the refrigerator door or rustle a bag of food. These short “breathers”, which may not be noticed, and prepared a large part of cat sleep.