Kitten Desperately Wants To Play With Her Big Dog Brother, But The Dog Wants To Take A Nap!


A tiny kitten is so adorable. He appeared in this house not long ago but started acting as boss immediately. The kitten is very curious. Everything is new to him and all is so exciting! Curiosity is one of the main features when baby is small. There is not right development without curiosity. It fuels the process of learning.
This kitten wants to play with his canine brother and does not care that the dog is very sleepy and does not want to play. Still the little kitten continues to attack and is very persistent in it.
It is a pity that their nap time differs. He would like to spend more time with his playmate. Kittens are ready to play without stopping! This is so cute to watch them. And the paws of the kitten are so gentle and sweet. Love these furry friends!