Kitten Cheated Death and Never Stopped Fighting and Purring Despite Her Deformity


This tiny kitten was born with a deformed chest, but continued to cling to life, although the chances were extremely small. Meet the wonderful baby Ellie! Samantha Fox, the founder of Fox Foster Kittens in Sarasota, Florida, rescued several pregnant cats from the southern part of the state.

A few days later mommy named Ashley has given birth to seven cats. Six babies were growing, and the seventh Ellie – no. The veterinarian found her specific pathology, funnel-shaped deformation of the chest – this is when the anterior parts of the ribs and rib cartilages are trapped inside the chest.

“The vet said it was the hardest case in her practice. Surgery with this diagnosis is usually not carried out until, until the weight of the kitten reaches at least 900 g, but preferably more. But fin ally had already begun to interfere with internal organs, therefore, had to operate on her when she weighed less than 500 g,” says Samantha.