Kitten Becomes Sister to Another Rescued Kitten and Helps Him Heal Through Cuddles


Two grey kittens were in rough shape when they were brought to a rescue group. The brother held onto his sister, trying to comfort her.

Stan the kitten came to Saving Grace Rescue (in San Francisco, California) along with his sister, Doris. From the beginning, he was very protective of her and kept her close, trying to make her feel better.

They were battling malnutrition and upper respiratory infections. A foster volunteer of the rescue took them into her care so the kittens could start the healing process in the comfort of a loving home.

Despite being sick and emaciated, Stan wouldn’t stop caring for his sister and never left her side. Little Doris eventually started fading after a long struggle with many health issues.

“Her brother Stan held her tight when she was sick. He was very attached to her but sadly, she passed away,” Amber Rose, founder of Saving Grace Rescue, told Love Meow.

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