Kitten Abandoned at Playground


When this guy came across an abandoned kitten in a playground, he instantly knew she needed him. This little kitten was in a dangerous area as the playground was right next to a highway. Plenty of people had already passed her by and no one had made an effort to help her. As soon as this guy, Brad, saw the kitty he knew that he was the one to help her, there was no way that he would leave her behind.

He realized that she would be difficult to catch so he went home and returned with food and water, he continued to do this for a number of days until he was able to gain her trust enough so that he could grab her. As it was she showed little or no resistance and appeared happy to be in his company. Brad took her home and it was the start of a loving friendship which included his other cat, Tom, who looked after her like she was his own. In fact Tom acted as a mother cat usually does and he groomed her, cuddled her and taught her what it is to be a cat. Brad named her April and she has now grown into a happy and confident cat.