In possibly the cutest thing you’ll see all Squirrel Week, a mother cat nurses an orphaned squirrel.


A little frightened, the boy called his grandparents, and together they went in search of the source of the squeak. Under one of the tree they found a very small squirrel, even a blind man. He fell out of the nest high in the tree and squeaked.

For some reason people are not able to put the squirrel back in the nest and they took him to his home. There they came up with the idea to put baby, whom Bailey called Bushytail my cat Oreo, who recently gave birth to five kittens. The next day they saw that the cat took the squirrel for his kitten and he was sitting in a box next to her family of kittens, Oreo and licked it.

The family hopes in the future that when the squirrel gets older, he will probably flee to the nearest forest. At least they said they were not going to make him a pet and he will have full freedom of movement.