I need a diet so I can crawl into places like this


These guys rescue kittens from the most unusual places, from the debris of snow. From wherever possible. They organized an impromptu shelter for the disadvantaged cats of the capital, which is almost the most numerous.

Here volunteers bring foundlings from all over the city. Among the inmates are abandoned by owners of cats, those who make fun, beat, thrown in the road, saved from the heartless or even walled up in the basement. The shelter has everything you need for animals: spacious cages, which contain cats with small kittens, sick animals and newcomers, toilets, places to feed and even chairs, about which tailed happy sharpen claws and sleep.

“Our shelter has existed for more than 6 years. Over the last 1.5 years we have managed to find a home for more than 300 cats. All of them well fed, treat, and looking for possible new owners”.