Hidden Camera Captured What Little Kittens Do At Night While We Are Sleeping


British scientists have found that cats do at night while their owners sleep. A group of specialists conducted observations of over 50 cats and cats from the County of Surrey. It turned out that Pets at night love to visit other people’s houses.

This conclusion was made as a result of an experiment conducted by a group of British scientists with the support of the British media. In order to understand what the furry animals are busy at night, scientists have found in cats ‘ GPS trackers and small cameras. It turned out that cats don’t like to go far from home.

And walking around, they’re trying not to catch each other’s eye, in order to avoid trouble and fighting. Apparently, on the night of the stray cats pushes the hunting instinct. But as the abundance of food spoiled animals, they are almost left to hunt rodents or other suitable animals.