Her Dog Finds Frozen Kitten In A Barn. Then Mom Captures A Precious Moment That Stuns Her


Pekingese named Mittens became a foster mom for a little kitten. Watch the video of the dog feeding him milk. A homeless kitten found in a barn, the grandson of the inhabitant of the American city of Jordan, Minnesota and brought it home.

Pet women-Pekingese nicknamed Mittens-suddenly showed maternal feelings. The dog took the kitten under his wing and became his foster mother. “As soon as Mittens heard meow, she started jumping, trying to see what it was.

I put the kitten on the floor, and Mittens began as a crazy spin around him, lick it,” – said the owner of the animal Patricia Weber. According to Patricia, she’s allergic to cats, but she’s willing to take medication to keep her family together.