He’s my son’s little hero, Cat takes a bullet and saves 3 year old in York


We often hear stories about dogs that save lives by pulling them out of a variety of scrapes, but this story about a cat that saved its master is truly incredible. A cat named Opie slept near three-year son of Angelica snipes, when the window hit by a stray bullet straight from the streets.

Angelica rushed to the sleeping son, when he saw that the bullet passed a few inches from him. Luckily for her, the baby continued to sleep peacefully. However, looking at the cat, she was horrified – the bullet hit his head, passed through and exited through his shoulder. In deep disappointment she brought OPIE to the local veterinary clinic, where later the doctors she offered to euthanize the cat.

Despite the serious condition of the pet, Angelica refused to accept their offer. She was grateful to him that OPIE saved her son by covering for himself. Learn more about this story in the video.