He Put A Tub Of Water In Front Of The Door… Now WATCH What The Cat Does, I’m Blown Away!!


Fred, a Siamese cat who lives in Alabama, He learned how to open their doors for the house with relative ease.

By the way, I have a cat that is totally against locked doors at night, so she learned how to open them yourself. Now in the night the door opens with a crash against the wall and with a triumphant cry breaks the cat. And happily for her to come her friends: dog and kittens with another cat. The fun continues when the cat-lover comes to wear balls in the night.

Brings the ball to you personally and demands to throw in a loud voice in every way. In the process of running the ball to comment on the process never ceases. And all this an hour in three nights, the husband loudly protested… In the morning I always Wake up with balls in different places of a bed.